About Us

The Italian Group for the Study of Neuromorphology G.I.S.N. is a scientific association set up in December 1990 to promote and develop studies and research in the field of nervous system morphology. All scholars who share this goal will be able to join us for the best promotion of Italian neuromorphological research.

The activities that the G.I.S.N. pursues include:

  1. Census of research groups involved in the field of neuromorphology, mainly at the Italian level;
  2. The census of neuromorphological research techniques and methodologies;
  3. The census of the large equipment for neuromorphological research available in Italy;
  4. The creation of a system for the early dissemination of the results obtained in the Italian neuromorphological research laboratories;
  5. The organization of scientific meetings and periodic seminars;
  6. The promotion of research seminars;
  7. The organization of refresher and training courses on neuromorphological techniques.

Since 2022, the official journal of the G.I.S.N. is the European Journal of Histochemistry (see associated link).

Members of the DIRECTIVE BOARD

General Secretary: Seyed Khosrow Tayebati
President: Fabrizio Michetti
Treasurer: Marina Quartu

Roberto De Giorgio
Raffaella Mariotti
Alessandra Pacini
Michele Papa