The Statute of the Italian Group for the Study of Neuromorphology (G.I.S.N.) was signed with a Notarial Deed by Dr. F. de Paola, notary in Rome, on 4 December 1990 (N. 74914/8773) modified after approval by the Board of Members dated November 21, 2008.


An Association called "Italian Group for the Study of Neuromorphology - G.I.S.N." is set up, whose action must be inspired by the promotion and development of scientific research in the field of nervous system morphology.


The activities of the association include:

  1. The census of research groups engaged in the field of neuromorphology, mainly at the Italian level;
  2. The census of neuromorphological research techniques and methodologies available in Italy;
  3. The census of the large equipment for morphological research available in Italy;
  4. The creation of a system for the early dissemination of results obtained in Italian neuromorphological research laboratories;
  5. The organization of scientific meetings and periodic seminars;
  6. Promotion of research collaborations;
  7. The organization of refresher and training courses on neuromorphological techniques;
  8. Any other initiative that the bodies of the G.I.S.N. deemed appropriate for better promotion of neuromorphological research.


The G.I.S.N. is a non-profit association open to lovers of neuromorphological disciplines. It is made up of the Founding Members who have signed the deed of the constitution of the Group, of Ordinary Members, who have applied for membership after the establishment of the Group, of Honorary Members and of Supporting Members, who will represent Public or Private Entities sensitive to the promotion of neuromorphological research. The Council of Members will be able to decide on the appointment of Honorary Members, scholars who have made an important contribution to neuromorphological studies with their activity. Membership applications must be signed by two other Members and accompanied, for Ordinary Members, by a brief scientific curriculum of the applicant. The questions of Supporting Members must be accompanied by a brief report on the nature of the Organization, the type of interest in neuromorphology, and the indication of a representative within the Council of Members.


The organs of the Association are the Council of Members, the Steering Committee, the President, the General Secretary, and the Treasurer.


The Board of Members meets at least every two years and is convened by letter or e-mail containing the agenda sent to the address of the individual Members at least 30 (thirty) days before the date fixed for the meeting. The resolutions of the Board of Members are taken by majority vote: on the first call with the presence of at least half plus one of the Members; on the second call with any number of Members present. Members may be represented on the Board and in voting by other participating Members by written proxy. Each member cannot present more than one proxy. The Council of Members deliberates on the activity of the G.I.S.N.; provides, every four years, for the renewal of the Steering Committee, the President, the General Secretary, and the Treasurer; ratifies the admission of new members and any resignations; approves the financial statement, regulations and any amendments to the Articles of Association.


The resolutions of the Board of Members, except for the election of corporate offices, are adopted by open ballot. The corporate offices are exercised free of charge and for no more than two consecutive mandates.


For the subsequent elections of corporate offices, the following procedures will be observed. The elector Members will write in the ballot papers delivered to them, which will be considered valid if they have no signs that can identify them, the name of the Member they intend to elect, respectively, President, Secretary General, and Treasurer, as well as the name of the Members who will make up the Steering Committee. Electronic voting is also permitted. The candidates who have obtained most of the votes scrutinized by the President of the polling station that has been previously prepared will be elected, which includes 3 Members, one of whom will perform the functions of the President of the polling station as established above. Those elected will immediately take possession of the function to which they have been called by the trust of the electorate.


The Steering Committee prepares, autonomously or on the written indication of the Members, the agenda of the meetings of the Council of Members, take care of the reports of the G.I.S.N. nationally and internationally, and promotes the activities and development of the G.I.S.N. In addition to the President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer who is the secretary, and four Members appointed by the Board of Members form part of the Steering Committee.


The President presides over the meetings of the Council of associates and of the Steering Committee, which he convenes on the proposal of the General Secretary or of at least five Members. In case of the absence or impediment of the President, the meetings will be chaired by the General Secretary.


The General Secretary legally represents the G.I.S.N. and may delegate, from time to time, its functions to a member of the Steering Committee or a Member. The General Secretary promotes and coordinates the activity of the G.I.S.N. and draws up any Regulations which, ratified by the Steering Committee and approved by the Members' Council, become binding for all Members.


The Treasurer, who also performs the functions of secretary of the Council of Members and the Steering Committee, draws up and keeps the minutes of the social meetings of the G.I.S.N., maintains relations with the Members, and updates the book. The Treasurer takes care of the administration of the social fund and the collection of social shares. The Treasurer also draws up the annual financial report of the G.I.S.N., which must be approved during the meetings of the Council of Members, having heard the opinion of two auditors chosen by the same council among members who do not hold positions within the G.I.S.N.


The heritage of the G.I.S.N. is made up of social shares; public and private contributions; from bequests and donations.


The Council of Members establishes the membership fee, which can be differentiated for Supporting Members from founding and Ordinary Members. Honorary Members are exempt from paying the membership fee. Members who have been in default for more than four years and, despite having been requested to do so, fail to pay the membership fee will be considered to have resigned upon resolution of the Members' Council.


The G.I.S.N. has an unlimited duration. The possible dissolution of the G.I.S.N. is decided by the Board of Members. In the event of dissolution, the remaining assets will be allocated according to the law by the resolution of the Board of Members.


For matters not provided for in this Statute, the provisions of the Civil Code and the law on the matter are valid.


Attached files:
1-Telematic session regulation
2-Mission refund regulation
3-Regulations for awarding prizes for research
4-G.I.S.N. conference organization regulation
5-Regulations for the admission of new members