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Cookies Policy

This website applies cookies for the services provided. Cookies are small pieces of codes set up in the browser and used to supply the service under the purposes described.

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Cookies used in this website and their purposes

Technical cookies

These cookies could enable some functions, without which would not be possible to use fully the website, and they are transferred to the device of the user only during their session of use of the browser.

The use of technical cookies does not require an earlier acceptance, under article 122 comma 1 DL 196/2003.

Technical cookies used

PHPSESSID: it is a native PHP cookie and allows the websites to store information about connection status. Its aim is to establish an user session and to transmit information on status through a temporary cookie, commonly known as “session cookie”. Since PHPSESSID cookie has no deadline, it disappears when the browser is closed.

cookie_opt_in: it is a cookie created after the reading confirmation of the notice of cookies used to not view the informative banner constantly.

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